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STARPLATE is an effective training for the whole body.

In contrast to the traditional muscle training, not only certain muscle strands, but also unwilling and holistic complex muscle systems and the Vitality system are stimulated. This ensures effective action on the entire body in less time.

The training with STARPLATE can also be used for different targeted areas of the body. Different results are obtained, depending on the frequency.

The vertical vibration supports careful building of muscle mass, muscle strength and bone mass for the injury prevention or rehabilitation. It is gentler than that of a side-alternating system. The vertical system adjusts to the load and operates at up to 4 mm stroke. The side-alternating system is stiff by the mechanics, can not adapt to the load and operates at up to 16 mm stroke.

STARPLATE works with the vertical vibration technology that has been optimized in the last few years. Today, especially in professional sports, this kind of training is hard to imagine.

Through the careful and purposeful training; professional fitness studio, physical therapy clinics, beauty salons and spa hotels use vibration training in order to support the traditional training or therapy in a useful way.


How does STARPLATE work?

Starplate stimulates the so-called muscle stretch reflex by the fast succession of vibration impulses. The muscle is contracted and relaxed again with the momentum. How often and how fast it works, depends on the input frequency that can be individually adjusted depending on the desired result.
Additionally, the entire metabolism is accelerated by the acceleration of the body in multiple fields of gravity, which has effects on the hormonal balance.