Rehabilitation centers

Perfect supplement to the traditional range of therapies

STARPLATE vibration technology offers you the opportunity to supplement your therapeutic range purposefully and effectively.

STARPLATE training supports your therapy effectively, with or without prescription.
As a therapist you have a goal together with your patients, to maintain or optimally regain health, capacity, vitality and joy. With STARPLATE, you expand your therapy offer and thus come a significant step closer to your goal.

With STARPLATE, you completely aim for a symbiosis between modern sports medicine and natural healing powers of the body.

STARPLATE has proved particularly useful in:

  • muscle build-up after injuries
  • pain relief
  • joint stability
  • disc degeneration process
  • circulatory disorders
  • neuropathic
  • connective tissue weakness
  • urinary incontinence
  • disturbance of gait
  • muscle shortening
  • maintaining or increasing bone density
  • osteoporosis

We would be pleased to advise you individually as to which system is the most effective for your use. Make an appointment for personal consultation via E-Mail  [email protected] or use our contact form.